Folqa in the Press

03.03.2016 Gurgle Magazine

For Modern Mums

In an article of the British Gurgle magazine a Folqa Herdsman sits on the shelf of a nursery!

Folqa in Gurgle Magazine



06.10.2015 Thrillist /Travel

The Most Overplayed European Souvenirs (Plus Better Alternatives)

"Overplayed souvenir: Rubik's Cube. Get this instead: Folqa figures. Halfway between Weebles and Bearbrick, these local toy figures say it all with their stylish staches."

Folqa recommended by ThrillistFolqa recommended by Thrillist



27.05.2015 Budapest Airport Hungaricum Brochure

Hungaricum Gives You More

"Would you like to find a unique and personalized souvenir? Visit the Hungaricum stand in the SkyCourt, complete the test to find the perfect gift for all age groups, and get your free gift."

Hungaricum Gives You More



19.05.2014 Toy Design Served

Folqa Collection on Front Page of Toy Design Served

"Curated work from leading creatives on Behance"

ToyDesignServed Folqa



18.09.2013 East OK Europe

Souvenir Windowshopping

"It's been a while since we did a souvenir post so allow me to compensate now, with Folqa. Funny little figures representing Hungarian regions, old professions and folk motifs. They represent tradition in a contemporary way, which is what most of us want in a souvenir nowadays, right?"

EastOK Europe about Folqa



04.07.2013 Hungarian Success Stories

Hungarian Design Pop-Up Store in London

"So if you are in London during this summer, make sure to check out Boxpark Shoreditch while popping in to the ‘Hungarian Design’ store to say Szia! and see if something catches your eyes. Besides many great brands such as FolqaPaprikumChocoMeMatyoDesignAgnes Kovacs Leather DesignThe Room, etc., the legendary streetwear shoes by Tisza Cipo are also available that otherwise cannot be bought outside of Hungary.."

Folqa in London



27.11.2012 SR Flyer Blog

Shop Talk: What The FOLQA!

"When I travel there are a few things that are important to me.  One of them is to support young local artists and designers. So wherever I go I make it a point to purchase something that is unique, created by a local talent, and has some kind of societal or economic implication."

SR Flyer tells story of buying a Folqa Potter



21.10.2012 The European Quartet Blog

Lovely and fresh, contemporary design from Hungary

"We are very happy to introduce our new series about contemporary design in the European Quartet! As our first guest we have Heni with us from Hungary, the creator of the beloved Folqa Collection®!"

Lovely and fresh, contemporary design from Hungary



10.10.2012 Hungarian Success Stories

Folqa Collection – Authentic Gift Brand

"Today I have something totally cute to introduce you to. I had a huge smile on my face when I came across the Folqa Collection."

Folqa Collection – Authentic Gift Brand



10.08.2012 Toy Design Served

Folqa Collection on Front Page of Toy Design Served

"Curated work from leading creatives on Behance"

Toy Design feat. Folqa



23.07.2012 FUNZINE

Made in Hungary

"You came to Budapest, and all you’ve bought was that lousy t-shirt? Why not leave the city with a truly unique souvenir that actually represents some of the Hungarian folk motifs?”

Funzine - Made in Hungary



09.07.2012 Vadjutka

New Shop in Budapest - Grand Village

"Third speciality of theirs is that they only sell the works of Hungarian arts and crafts people: mostly recycled and traditional Hungarian arts redesigned in a contemporary way."

Vadjutka about Grand Village



03.07.2012 Budapest Underground

The Coolest Hungarian Souvenirs

"Folqas are a pretty famous bunch, so there is a fair chance you will find them even in the souvenir shop or the airport"

Budapest Underground on Souvenirs