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  • Name: Souvenir Brands Kft.
    Address: 7. Csodaszarvas str., Fót, 2151, Hungary
    Phone number: +36-20/4111904
    E-mail address: heni.vaczi [at]
    Shop Name: Folqa Collection
    Privacy registration number: 40684
    Tax number: HU23444717
    Commercial register number: 13-09-148748
    Registry Court: Tribunal of Budapest Region
    Contact person name: Juhász-Váczi Henriett
    Contact person phone number: +36-20/4111904
    Contact person e-mail address: heni.vaczi [at]
  • » Delivery inside Hungary with DPD Parcel Service
    DPD is one of Europe's leading providers of parcel services. Orders exceeding a value of HUF5000 are delivered free of charge! Your order will be delivered within 2 working days. Cash-on-delivery payment is also available in Hungary.
    Sum TotalCost of shipping
    16.5 Free!
    » Postal delivery to European countries
    We offer delivery to European countries with traditional postal forwarders within 3-11 working days.
    Products total massCost of shipping
    0 kg0.25 kg2.06
    0.25 kg0.5 kg4.13
    0.5 kg1 kg8.25
    1 kg1.5 kg12.38
    1.5 kg2 kg16.5
    2 kg3 kg19.8
    3 kg4 kg23.1
    4 kg5 kg26.4
    5 kg6 kg29.7
    6 kg7 kg33
    7 kg8 kg36.3
    8 kg9 kg39.6
    9 kg10 kg42.9
    10 kg 66
    » Postal delivery to non-European countries
    Hungarian Post and its global partners guarantee the safe delivery of international orders outside Europe in 5-17 working days.
    Products total massCost of shipping
    0 kg0.25 kg2.48
    0.25 kg0.5 kg4.95
    0.5 kg1 kg9.9
    1 kg1.5 kg14.85
    1.5 kg2 kg19.8
    2 kg3 kg39.6
    3 kg4 kg42.9
    4 kg5 kg46.2
    5 kg6 kg49.5
    6 kg7 kg52.8
    7 kg8 kg56.1
    8 kg9 kg59.4
    9 kg10 kg62.7
    10 kg 82.5
  • » Cash on delivery
    Products will be delivered on weekdays by DPD. Please, provide a delivery address at which you are mostly available during the day. Only available in Hungary!
    » Credit card payment in EUR with Simple
    In case of choosing credit card payment in euro you will be automatically redirected to Simple's secure website. All your credit card data will be handled by Simple e-commerce system, this means that no other parties can access them. Accepted cards: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express. Payment includes no extra charge for using Simple!
    » PayPal or credit cards
    Folqa Collection prefers PayPal, the most effective and safest way of payment! By choosing this payment method, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal's website, where you can pay either with your credit card, or via your PayPal account. Under all circumstances, your data will need to be given only to PayPal, Folqa will have no access to your banking details. Registration and payment are both without any charges.
    » Bank transfer
    In case of a bank transfer, please send the gross amount to the following bank account:
    10402197-50526586-52671009 (K&H Bank, Souvenir Brands Kft.)
    Please put your order ID into the remarks field, so that we can process your order faster.
  • » Reduction based on actual order
    Sum TotalReduction
    0 There is no!
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